Geotechnics are one of our primary activities. We work in partnership with local and national soil engineering companies. We do most of the soil tests: these include pressure tests, core sampling, standard penetration tests, drilling for “crosshole” tests, drilling parameters measurements, permeability tests, piezometers, pumping tests, laying of: interstitial pressure cells, tassometers and inclinometric tubes.

We also do these tests in maritime and fluvial sites, on barges. We perform between 150 and 200 soil tests per year.

Marine structures

We did most of the fishing harbor jetties and marina jetties in the FWI and French Guyana.


We produce inclined Tie-rods beyond depths of 10m and up to heights of 8m.

Special foundations

Special foundations on micropiles are an interesting alternative to classical piles. Although they have a small diameter (less than 250mm), they can stand heavy loads thanks to the injection of under pressure cement which gives them better unitary lateral friction than classical piles. The frames are either oil industry tubes (auto-drilled micropiles) or HA rods frames. The low load of the necessary equipment and their quick implementation are other qualities which make for practical groundwork tech and makes them adapted to R-0 and R-4 constructions. They are also adapted to industrial and commercial buildings and underpinning of existing constructions with foundations problems. We do between 1000 and 1500 micropiles per year.


We have a drilling machine which allows us to work inside existing buildings or in limited sized places.Its size allows us to pass it threw 80cm large doors and to drill under a 2m high roof.

Environmental studies and drilling

We step in projects on a regular base to do pollution controls by soil and groundwater sampling, laying of piezometers, drilling for biogases sampling etc.

We drill water-holes of various widths for food-industry and agriculture to a depth of up to 150m.