Human ressources

We have 13 drilling teams on our 3 locations (5 in Guadeloupe, 2 in Martinique and 6 in French Guyana). Depending on the level of activity, each team can travel to reinforce punctually the manpower in one of our setting ups. Most of our head drilling operators are versatile and carry out the whole of our activities. Staff supervisory is guaranteed by a soil engineer, a geologist and four construction managers. Two diesel engine and hydraulic mechanics guarantee the whole of our equipment maintenance. Most are tracked vehicles, with rubber or metallic caterpillar tracks; one is manned by a forest-tractor and two are on skids.

Material Means

The diversity of our activities and the specific equipment needed to answer to particular construction sites (interior renovation, work in mangrove swamp areas, in forests, in galleries) have allowed us to acquire along the years top performing machines to better satisfy our customers. As a result, we have 20 drilling machines from 250kg to 25tonnes in our agencies.

For our special groundwork activities (micropiles, tie-rods), we have eight grout manufacture and injection units, high turbulence mixers, mixing tanks and press, two of which are entirely automated and fed by cement filled silos.

Each agency also has a 4x4 heavy truck with hydraulic loader and a low loader trailer, thus insuring a higher autonomy for our displacements. We also have four hoisting machines equipped with extendable booms.